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I'm fairly new to the add-on lenses, but have been reading up on it a bit in the past week or so. I recently purchased an a610 and really like it, but would like a telephoto lens for the occasional outdoor full-zoomed shots.

Canon's adaptor ring they offer for the a610 uses a 58mm thread, but I ordered a third-party adaptor using the 52mm thread because it seems to be a more common lens size.

My main question is, will I suffer any substantial quality loss with a 52mm lens (such as the TC-DC52) or should I opt for canon's suggestion and choose a 1.75x with a 58mm adaptor?

From what I understand thus far, the auxillary telephoto lenses are really only good in full-zoom mode; that's fine with me. I'm looking for a decent quality lens without spending more than $130 or so with (hopefully) 2-3x magnification. 52mm thread size would be preferred, but if I have to go with 58mm feel free to suggest lenses in that range as well.

I'm most concerned about chromatic aberration. Barrel distortion seems to be most prevalent on macro shots with the a610, but again, I'm still pretty new to this

So in summary, can anyone see a reason not to choose the TC-DC52 lens? Any suggestions otherwise, possibly with a tad larger zoom in the same price range?

*edit* forgot to mention, if you know of a quality tele with a larger than 3x zoom in my price range feel free to suggest it as well. Don't expect to see any results under this one, but you never know

Thanks in advance
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Well, I decided to go for it. Unfortunately, the distortion created by this lens and this camera combination is unbearable :-/

Guess I'll try to search around for a different lens, possibly one with a lower magnification.

Again, if anyone has any suggestions let me know. Also, if anyone's looking for a tc-dc52 let me know too I guess :-/
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So sorry I come too late to read your message. In fact I have confirmed your same conclusion some months ago. Now I am using CrystalVue Optics SHD-20 for my A610, got it directly from the manufacturer CKCpower. It gives at least decent image quality at full 4x zoom. If you couple it with the Lensmate 52mm adapter (I would say, perfect fit!)you might find the last but one step usable too!!

Some test samples here:


The rear thread of SHD-20 is 37mm but don't worry, it comes with a special 52-37 step down adapter free. The front thread is 58mm and I managed to stack it on Olympus TCON-17 to make a 3.4x tele combo. Well it DOES has significant vignetting with this combo even on the A610 full optical zoom. But the central portion of the image is decent enough so I normally just step ahead 2 levels of digital zoom to 6.5x to avoid the hassle of cropping work. You could also find the samples of stacked tele lenses in the above link.

Another Off-Topic good news is the 37mm Tiffen +7 +10 macro filters also works fine with A610, Lensmate adapter and the SHD-20 step down adapter. See samples shown in the album.

So far I have tried attaching CrystalVue Optics SHD-20, Olympus TCON-17, Tiffen 2.0x (37mm) and Nikon TC-E15ED on A610 with the optimal distances. Among these I would not suggest the Tiffen 2.0x (37mm, dunno about 49mm version though) since the distortion is severe. TC-E15ED has a deeply recessed rear glass and would need a much shortened A610 tube to work with, otherwise it is superb in image quality and has last 2 stops cleared of vignetting. TCON-17 is a huge lens compared with the others but unfortunately it does not help on improving the zoom stops flexibility any further. It does helps on preventing light loss with the 77mm front glass diameter though. Optically all the three, TC-E15ED, TCON-17 and SHD-20 are great lenses and I doubt any significant difference in image quality can be observed on A610.

And concerning the vignetting extent I could say they really differ not much on the number of usable zoom stops. The "winner" considering zoom stop flexibility is the Nikon TC-E15ED but you know, it has only 1.5x zoom addon.

Hope it helps.

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