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Default 0.8x , 0.7x, or 0.45x Wide Angle Lense ?!!!

I am new to the lenses world :shock: , So forgive me for this silly question ops:

I have Olympus C-3000 Zoom Digital Camera.

When I tried to buy a Wide Angle lense for it, I've got lost :roll:

I've found 0.8x, 0.7x, and 0.45x
Which one is better :?: (i.e. which will give me wider angle)
What these x number means :?:
Is it better to have small or big x numers :?:

Thanks so much for your help
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The magnification factor tells you what to multiply the widest 35mm equivalent of your lens to get the resulting wide angle lens specs. For example, on my 38-380 zoom lens, a .8x wide angle converter would give you the equivalent to a 38x.8, or 30.4mm wide angle view. The lower the number, the wider the view.

There is a trade-off in quality of the images you can achieve with different wide angle converters. The wider the view, the more parallax distortion (straight objects appear curved), vignetting (the view is so wide you can see the edges of the end of the lens), and sharpness. For example, I tried out a .5x converter (38x.5=19mm), and was displeased with the fact that ever shot had strong corner vignetting and the focus was too soft for my taste. However, I was able to get an entire 12x12 room in the picture when standing in the corner.

My experience has been that anything wider than 28mm will give you noticeable parallax distortion. The WCON-08E is what I have, and it gives excellent sharpness, no vignetting, and no discernible parallax distortion. Consider also that you will probably need an adapter to match the thread diameter of your camera to that of the specific lens. Mine takes a 49-55mm step-up ring.

One other noteworthy item...to achieve a wider viewing angle, most wide angle adapters are flared out, much larger on the end that doesn't attach to the camera. Because of the close proximity of the built-in flash to the lens on most digital cameras, a shadow of the lens may be cast on your subject, limiting the effectiveness of the built-in flash. You may want to consider this, and the possibility of using an external flash that isn't blocked by the larger lens.
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Thank you so much for your valuable answer
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Hi Snaafi,
DO NOT go for the .45. I have a 3000 and used that wide angle on it with rediculus results. The .7 or .8 will be a better choice ( I am now using a 0.8 with good results).
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Default WCON-7

Snaafi -

I recently purchased the Oly. WCON-7, a .7X wide angle lens. I'm using it on my C-730 so I can now get down to ~27mm (in 35mm terms.) Without the WCON-7, it's 38mm. I would rate the lens as excellent to outstanding in optical quality. While the Oly C-730 has a 10x zoom, I can't use with WCON-7 over the full zoom range. I haven't measured it specifically but I would guess I get a usefull range between full wide angle (at 38 mm) out to maybe 5 or 6x zoom; beyond that, the pictue starts to degrade. On the down side, most wide angle lens attachments are fairly wide and the WCON-7 is no exception -- it would likely block some or all of your optical viewer forcing you to use the LCD on the back (often not an option if out in the sun.) I purchased my lens from www.b-300.com.

Take lots of pictures...

Paul in NoVA
C-730 B-300 WCON-7
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Like plg3, I have also recently purchased the WCON-7 for my c-750uz and have extremely impressed with the results thus far. I have experienced no visable (to my eyes) parallax distortion or vignetting when using just the lens. However when using a polarized filter between the wcon and the cameras lens I did notice some minor vignetting in the bottom right corner of the pictures... very minor however. Since its not in any of the other corners I wonder if I might not have had the lens screwed on all the way since it was the first time I have used both a filter and the lens. Either way a simple tap of the zoom should remove the darkened corner.

I think the WCON-08E or WCON-07 are the two to consider.
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