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gaboiu Nov 14, 2004 10:27 PM

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scuzate me my bad english !

i have a BIG passion to 360 * 180 degree panorama ( spherical ,cubic panorama )

i don't have any experience with Fisheye Converter optics ,but i'm study over two years theoreticaly focal range
and equivalent in 35mm photography ,angle of view and more.And i have a sony camcorder with wide angle
conversion lens ( VCL - 0630 S ) with focal lenght by the factor 0,6

i think ,my camcorder with : ( Lens with Focal length 3.3 - 33 mm When converted to a 35 mm still
camera 42 - 420 mm ) with wide angle conversion lens ( VCL - 0630 S ) at maximum wide angle ( 42 mm ) become :
42 * 0,6 = 25,2 mm
25,2 aproxiately equal with 24 mm
24 mm is 84° diagonal and 74° * 53°

with my study theoreticaly with Fisheye Converter optics i became to conclusion : if the focal lenght is down to
7 mm ( When converted to a 35 mm still camera ) or even smaler ( NIKON says about Fisheye Converter FC-E9 :
focal lenght --> 35mm equivalent: 7mm (Coolpix 5700), 5.6mm (Coolpix 5400) and angle of view --> 183 degrees
(Coolpix 5700), 190 degrees (Coolpix 5400) ) ,I CAPTURE FULL CIRCULAR FISH - EYE IMAGE WITH + 180 degree
( < 180 degree ) !!

i have chance to project 2 Full circular fish - eye image at the same time to same ccd from one camera with
2 Nikon Fisheye Converter FC-E9 or 2 Nikon Fisheye Converter FC-E8 aranged diametral opus with 2 mirror at
45 degree ?

maybe with digital SLR with 23.7 x 15.6mm (APS-C size)

i think the ccd size and lens front diameter matters for my idea

i have atached one picture to explain more well ( my english is very bad )

i put this question because i have see at : in section : custom lens capabilities -->
--> Typical Projects ( LINK : ) a camera picture with an objectiv like my
idea !!

please ,please answer me !!!!

THANK YOU very much aticipated !!!!

KCan Nov 15, 2004 5:08 PM

Should be possible and fun :cool:

I am thinking about the fact that the fisheye lenses now will be further from the camera normal lens, so how will this affect the optics?...:?

calr Nov 17, 2004 6:36 PM

This setup will not be useable for the reason Kcan mentioned. Effectively, you are moving the lenses about two inches away from the film/ccd plane. That's about the same as putting a 30mm extension tube between the camera body and the lens. It's great for EXTREME closeup work but beyond about an inch in front of the lens the camera is totally blind.

Cal Rasmussen

Center-of-the-Universe Aug 4, 2008 4:01 PM

Spherical Video Virtual RealityAdapter Lens for a HD Camcordercoming soon...

Go to http://www.RealityLens.netor write [email protected]if you have additional questions. VVR, LLC is going to begin selling it's patented and patents pendingtwo fisheye spherical lens adapter that mounts to aCanon HV20HD video camcorder in Aug 08. It will allow a user to use Pano2VR or SP software and look at 360xyz video.

It is hopedRealityLens willallow a first capability for affordablespherical virtual video with acceptable quality for the masses. The more sold the lower the price!

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