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Can anybody advise me on 2x converter as seen on EBAY,Will it have problems with vignetting,etc if fitted to my new Panasonic FZ20. Cheers Trevor.
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Dunno about that specific lens. I know if you back off the zoom on my 1.7x it will vignette. You might also do a search on the quality of the lens.
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Trevor -

Generally speaking, the add-on lenses available on e-bay are not that great a quality. Names like "Titanium", "Digital", etc, just don't inspire a lot of confidence, in spite of what the dealers say. Problem is basically a poor image. Check further below in this forum (Add-On Lenses) for additional discussions.

Olympus, Sony, and some Raynox lensesaregood add-on lenses. I've been recommending the following siteto get an idea of quality and what to expect from an add-on lens -- Pemaraal On-Line ( http://www.b-300.com/index.html ). I've bought two Olympus lenses from them and was exceptionally pleased with their service.

Hope this helps.

Paul in NoVA
C-730 B-300 WCON-07
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I just got a Raynox 1.54x Pro to use with my FZ20 today. I'm very pleased with it. I posted three pics I took today on the Panasonic forum.I should note also that these were taken on a very cloudy day with very slow shutter speeds.


I got it from Tristatecamera.com for $129.00. Also need the Raynox 5264P adaptor tube to make it work with the FZ20.

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Wow, impressive! Seems confident for weighing one ounce.
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Check out the following website


He has done some good research for you already. Make sure you look at both sections covering both panasonic and the other manufacturers. I have the panasonic lens and I believe it is worth the extra $. I believe this website will also support my feelings.

I don't post my photos, but during a recent college softball game, I managed a 5 shot burst that stopped a hit softball from rotating just in front of a fielders glove. It was hand held, ISO 100, 1/1000 shutter, and fulloptical zoomwith the DMW-LTZ10. I also managed a few shoots with a 1/1300 shutter during the day.

Isn't sunlight great!
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