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Florida Feb 17, 2005 8:01 AM

I have had 3 great years of picture taking with my 4500. Now I am going on a trip to Africa and want to take the Coolpix - I can't afford to upgrade to a digital SLR yet. Also, I am very limited in the weight of my baggage.

I would like to add a teleconverter lens for long shots of animals - any suggestions?

Also, could you offer suggestions on how to stabilize the camera in the safari jeeps. From what I have read, it is going to be a bumpy rides. The SLRs can handle with their image stabilization, but I may just be propping up my 4500 with a bean bag.

Any other tips - like for the best setting for fast moving animals, would be much appreciated.

Thank you

shene Feb 19, 2005 5:41 PM

See my Coolpix 4500 user guide for more details. To stable the camera/lens, buy a sturdy tripod and/or a bean bag.


Nikon Coolpix 950/990/995/2500/4500/5700 and Panasonic FZ-10 User Guides

Florida Feb 19, 2005 8:15 PM

Thank You Shene.

I discovered your post this week and printed out tons of great information. I went by Ritz Camera today to see if they had the 3X, but they do not carry it in the store, so I will order on-line.

I think I'm going to have to go with the bean bag. A lot of the shoots will be from the pop up roof on top of the jeep.

normc Feb 20, 2005 9:00 PM

There are two problems with the 3x telephoto on the 4500. One you will not be able to make good use of the optical viewfinder and two the LCD is way to small and hard ti see in bright light. You might have some shots that look good on your LCD but when you put them up on a computer screen????? Use the spot focus and pray!

nathantop Sep 21, 2006 1:16 AM

A beginner in birding, I bought a Canon S1, thinking the 10x zoom would be enough. I got a rude shock. Now i have a Nikon 4500 on ofer. Can anybody guide me on the choice of Lens available for this camera. Larger tele or mirror are what I am interestd in

lucky2505 Sep 21, 2006 5:09 AM

Canon makes a lens adapter and 1.6x teleconverter which extends the telephoto end from 380mm to 608mm. Many people use the CrystalVue Sharpshooter 8x monocular with the 4500. It extends the telephoto end from 155mm to 1240mm. If you're really serious, you will probably want to go with a spotting scope.

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