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CVette Oct 4, 2007 6:45 AM

I'm looking for a low distortion wide angle converter for the Canon A80. After a LOT of homework, I've narrowed it to the Raynox DCR6600 (.66x) or the Nikon WC E63 (.63x). I'd like to go even wider but distortion becomes prohibitive.
1) 52mm adapter + Raynox DCR6600
2) 52mm adapter + 52>37 + 37>28 + Nikon WC E63

(I could use a 37mm adapter for the Nikon but I'd prefer to get 1 adapter in case I return a lens and get the other.)

So I'm looking for opinions and comments from those who use the A80 with one of these lenses. There are no local shops I can touch these lenses so I'll mail order one (or both and return one). Is one better than the other?

CVette Oct 8, 2007 12:33 PM

I opted for the Nikon and will post the results when I receive the lens.

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