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I was wondering if anyone has heard anything good or bad about tiffen lens. I just recently purchased a C-5060Z and wanted to protect my lens as well as enhance my photgraphy. I am relatively new at this and would rather spend a few extra dollars to get something that works. However, I don't need to be wasteful with my money either. Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.
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Sorry I do not have an answer. I juat wandering if you found a sollution in the mean time. I just bought a C-5060 some days ago and am looking for a lens protection. Olympus has lenses (UV, Protection etc.) but they are way too expensive.

I would appreciate it if you could give some advice on this matter and maybe about a camera bag for the C-5060.

Regards. Eddy
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Are you buying the Tiffen filters from eBay? Because I just saw a pack of 4 82mm Tiffen filters for $50. But that's just the starting bid and it'll finish in 3 days. I was going to bid those, but there are not too many good reviews about Tiffen filters. For all I know, Tiffen filters are made from laminated glass unlikeB+W and Hoya which are made from entirely solid glass.Almost most of Tiffen filters are not coated while Hoya is. However, it's hard to say which filter ismore superior thanthe others. Some people will say B+W is the best, others will say Hoya, some will say Tiffen. I'm alsonew at filters, so I suggest you to read the following site:


There will be some useful links from the site above.Read them, too.

Below you can findmany opinion about some brand of filters.


You'll see that mostpeople will choose B+W over Hoyaand Tiffen. And, some say Hoya has the same capability as B+W with more affordable price. Strangely, not many choose Tiffen.I always thought Tiffen is one of the best. Apparently, that's not what most of them think about Tiffen.

Hope thishelps.
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