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Hi guys, just got my TCON-17 telephoto lens for my Dimage 7i and it looks great. I've taken a couple of comparison photos indoors and noticed that even with the flash, the picture is considerably darker with the add on lense than without. Do I need to increase the shutter time to let more light in? Any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated!
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The TCON-17 is a great lens. I've used mine since August, and have gotten some excellent shots I could not have even tried without it.

Unfortunately, your built-in flash will be pretty much of no use to you as the profile of the lens will interfere with the flash. You can experiment with different shutter speeds, f-stops or ISO settings, but bear in mind that each of these can have unwanted effects on your pictures.

In particular, be conscious of the effect the zoom itself will have on your shutter speeds. There is a formula which states that your slowest hand-held shutter speed is 1/focal length (which you must multiply by 1.7 because of the TCON's magnification factor) I'm not familiar with the 7i, but this can be a severly limiting factor.

All this being said, just be conscious of the light when using the TCON; you can still get great shots.


Tom, on Point Pelee, Canada
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TBH, I only used the flash because I was in a fairly dark room. The TCON will only ever be used outside, so there should be plenty of light there Just making sure that there weren't any particular steps I needed to take with regards to settings when using the lens for general outdoor purposes.

Cheers, and merry Xmas!
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