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I am looking for wide angle and telecphoto lenses for my Canon PowerShot G9. I have two adapters from Lensmate. I've been reading some posts here in the forum about the Raynox lenses and the quality. I would love any recommendations.

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Good day Kristie -

-- I recently (j u s t before the G9, of course :sad: ) bought a G7 - I like it a lot :-). I also bought a couple add-on lenses for it. I chose the Olympus TCON-17 for tele, and the Raynox HD-7000 Pro for wide (down to 24mm equiv). I also use Lensmate 58mm adapters - bought one for each so as not to have to screw them on-and-off repeatedly.

-- Visit Lensmate here: http://www.lensmateonline.com discounts on more than one at a time. I got three total - and I'm making another thing for table-top 'flat' macro shotsthat will need one more of their adapters. They have other things too - I got a 58mm filter at the time as well - and a new 58mm cap for the adapter.

-- The Olyhas beenrated very well for a long time now. It has NO filter threads.There are others (like the Canon 2x for sure - no threads for filters either- heavier and more money, I agonized but 1.7x to 2x was not that much so ...),I chose the Oly - and it will fit my old Oly C-740 10x too. Under $100 from B&H if I remember right. :roll:

-- Raynox offers an 0.66x too (82mmfilters)- but the lens in the G will hit it if you are not very careful and it must be zoomed back a tiny bit to avoid that - so the 0.7x was a better choice (even though the 0.66 has a bit less barrel distortion - for buildings, which I like to shoot). And I have seen some -very- good shots with this lens which were post-processed with a good HDR program - v e r y nice :!: $130, I think it was (through Lensmate!).Of course hoods will create a problem (still searching for some little solution for this - glare outdoors - 24mm - hmmm).

-- By the way - a solution I found for the lack of filter threads on the Olyis ... a 77mm 'empty' filter ring will simply 'press' into the front of the lens. I think Iwill be epoxying mine in - but it seems very secure just pressed in place, so far (squarely and carefully). This will allowthe use ofa 77 to 82 step-up ring so you only need the 82mm filters, and a nice deeep hood too.

-- The outdoorHDR shots I saw (with the .66x) looked great - and were shot without a polarizer:!: May not need one using HDR (hmmm maybe, maybe not - 82 PL $$$).

-- I also useflexibleplastic lids for kitty food/tuna cansyou get at the grocery store as 'lens caps' - bright colors in the bag. (My biggest complaint was the fact the cheap lens cap was waay too close, for my comfort,to the glass on the front element on the lenses - I am looking for a broken glass82mm metal ring to add to the hood so as to move it away from the front element - but until then - be careful :O

-- I'm making a 'protector' frame for the LCD (as I've done on other cams) and it will hold a 'hood' for the LCD too. Just gotta get around to it. Then I use the stiff clear plastic from various retail items' overly large plastic packaging -cutto the size needed - if it gets scratched - just cut another. This one will allow the plastic to slide in place -same for the LCD'hood' too.

-- Still working on making it easier to hold / grip confidently, and a cable release setup too (you can control it with a PC - but the old-style cable release that will be anice 'extra'). Planning (right now) on a plastic 'plate' on the bottom to relocate the tripod mount to the centerline of the lens (better for panoramics)and maybe that will suggest a way to hold it better too (especially with the TCON!).

-- Picked up a real, metal, tripod mount for add-on lensesat a swap meet ($1)that just happens to fit the 58mm Lensmate adapter perfectly - so I can also get the weight off the original camera mount.

-- Just not been able to explorethe cameraas much as I would like too yet.

-- Good luck and Enjoy it :G

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