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Hey gang, this is my first post to this forum! I have seen several posts about different lenses for the digital rebel. but none really answering my question. I have seen that there are reports of errors with some of the Sigma brand lenses, while others like them. Same thing in this and other forums with the Tamaron lenses. So my question is this: What experiences have people had with all of these. I am looking for a good macro, as well as a telephoto up to about 200 or maybe 300. Do not want to break the bank on this. I have seen some listings for the Tamaron 75-300 telephoto for around 200, while a Canon lense is going to cost me my car. So let me know about any errors you have had, and what you think.


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Well, a couple of factors would help answering your question:

1) How much are you willing to spend?

2) what are you going to be using it for?

3) How important is picture quality to you?

As, for the Problem with some of the Sigmas...If you purchase one new and it is incompatible, Sigma will re-chip it for free since is is supposed to be compatible with the EOS system cameras. This problem mainly occurred in some of the older model lenses though, and I have never heard one complaint once they were cheerfuly re-chipped by Sigma.

Tamaron is an O.k lens, but IMHO they're just that...O.K.

The Sigma Ex lenses have, Also IMHO, very sharp imaging and good color.

But remember, most zoom lenses get "soft" after about 200-250mm. That is unless you want to pay an arm and a leg....and your car for a high quality lens.

If you have a local Camera store, take your DRebel with you and ask to try a couple out instore. Most will that are willing to make a sale will be happy to let you take a few test shot.
I would recommend a couple, but without know what you want to spend on one, that makes it nigh impossible.
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