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Do you like to experiment, as I do. ... I've had a Tamron 4X telephoto adaptor meant to mount on 35mm or twin lens reflex or even a land camera to extend the telephoto

capability, it had originally belonged to my father, and the camera he used it with is long gone. I've had the idea for a while that if it could be mounted on a point and

shoot camera it should prove to be a workable system. I Know Tamron lenses are good quality, as I use several with my DSLR.I have a Canon A95 P&S that has just

3X optical + 4X digital zoom. ( I've disabled the digital because of the poor quality it gives)

The adaptor lens is shown below, it's about 6 inches (15 Cm) long, and was meant to be mounted on camera with a Series 5 Adaptor( this isn't something I know

anythingabout) I've been unable to find anything that will allow me to mount by that method, so I improvised a tubular fitting that mounts on the Canon LA-DC52D filter

adaptor, the telephoto lens then fits inside this 2" diameter tube, and is packed with some stiff plastic foam sheet to centralise and hold it firm, with the camera switched

on, it can then be slid carefully back until it touches the camera lens. With zero zoom on the camera some slight vignetting can be seen, but a slight touch to increase the

zoom and this disappears. The camera autofocus seems to operate as normal, originally with none autofocusfilmcameras the, camera lens was set to infinity, and

all focussing was done with the auxillary lens ( Minimum focus was 8 feet)

All the pics below are straight from the camera, with the only PP being resizing + slight levels adjustment and slight hipass sharpening.

In #2 the large house with pepperpot chimneys is about 380 yards away

#3 is a Xmas ornament( Lit at night) in a neighbours garden at about 70-80 feet

#4 The telegraph pole in the foreground is about 60 yards, the street light with the perching bird about 200 yards, and the high voltage power line pylon at the rear is

best part of a mile away. I does show the effect of a telephoto very well

The results are very acceptable, but in practice it's not to easy a system to use, a monopod or tripod would help ... The thing that causes most confusion is that you

have to use the display, not the viewfinderand the image isupside down. With longer use I think I'd get used to that, but it will never be a fast process ... no good

for shooting wild life etc. I have the DSLR for that anyway. This was just an experiment to satisfy my curiosity, I thought it may be of interest to others,enjoy !. ... Jack

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