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Default Best wide angle for digital

the best wide angle converter for fuji s602?

Raynox DCR-720, 0.72x ?
fuji wl-fx9, 0.79x ?
olympus WCON-08E, 0.80x ?

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You might also want to consider the Olympus Wcon-0.7x wide angle adapter. I think a fair number of people are now purchasing it over the wcon-0.8x since for whatever reason its a fair but cheaper. I currently use it almost all the time when im out hiking on my c750uz and the results has always been great! All the recently taken picture in this post were shot with my c750uz with the wcon 0.7x. I also had a Hoya didymium mounted between the wide angle lens and the lens adapter and still didn't have to zoom in at all to remove any vignetting (only seems to occur when using the hoya polarized filter I have.... must be a thicker filter :?)
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Default Re: Best wide angle for digital

Originally Posted by tobaritx
[color=#AAAAFF]the best wide angle converter for fuji s602?

Raynox DCR-720, 0.72x ?
fuji wl-fx9, 0.79x ?
olympus WCON-08E, 0.80x ?
Selecting a wide angle converter sometimes is more tedious than selecting a tele-converter because of the "optical design" compatibility reason. This is especially true when a tube/adapter is needed. A tube or adapter may increase the gap between the camera lens and the converter. Usually, it is OK with a teleconverter. However, for a wide angle converter, increasing gap means seeing more area projected by the converter onto the camera lens, and, as a result, vignetting and lower quality in the edges and corners could occur. Moreover, larger diameter (of a converter) does not necessary translate to less vignetting. So, I would suggest that test before you buy. Normally, the converter made for a particular camera is the best in terms of compatibility, but not in terms of optical quality.

In my experience, the WCON-08B may be the best. The Nikon WC-E80 is also as good as the WCON-08B; however, you may not be able to find an adapter to use it. Both are big, heavy, and expensive and you will need step-ring to mount it on your cam.

Nikon Coolpix 950/990/995/2500/4500 User Guide
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Also check out the Raynox DCR6600PRO, it's more expensive than the DCR-720, but it's got less barrel distortion even though it has more wide angle than the 720.
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I use the Raynox DCR6600 Pro on my Epson 3100. I DO appreciate that it maintains linearity in the periphery, but it suffers a bit on clarity. Also, I had to toss aside the tube adapter Raynox sent because it was too short. I learned this with a little experimentation. I was able to improve the image quality by using the tube adapter that came with my Epson, then adding a 49 x 52 step-up ring. I still see a "donut" that lacks clarity in the images.

Now, I use my adapter primarily for indoor work and a call to Raynox confirmed that this is a condition with all of their lenses. It's possible that it's apparent with ANY w/a adapter, but I can't speak to that. I did try a Kenko 0.7x and was NOT satisfied with the distortion, though it was a little clearer throughout the image than the Raynox.

For outside photos, the Raynox seems to do okay. Go to their website and select any camera to see what the lens can do. It seems to do a creditable job when mounted to a G-series Canon. It looks okay on the S602 as well.

I'm hanging on to it because my clients seem to be satisfied with the construction photos I save for them. They're not looking for professional level photography...and they're not getting it. :P
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