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paintnothing Mar 24, 2004 3:12 PM

Canon A80 lenses
I posted this in the Canon forum and got little response, so I'm trying here, hope you don't mind.

I was wondering about compatibility of lenses with the Canon A80. I know they make a couple of lenses specifically for this camera but I'm told they don't make enough of a difference to justify the cost. So I was wondering if (once I've bought the 52mm thread adapter) I could use any 52mm-thread lens on this camera? Or are there things that affect compatibility that I'm not aware of?

Any help much appreciated!

orion999 Mar 25, 2004 11:00 PM


I could say most high quality addon lens can be used on A80. I have tried many of them, even including some Nikon 28mm threaded ones. You should expect to see different levels of vignetting but no hurt in image quality.
Which 52mm threaded lens you own currently? See if I can help.

paintnothing Mar 26, 2004 10:13 AM

I only just got the cam so I'm not after lenses just yet - would rather focus on perfecting my own photography skills before getting involved with flashy kit. Was just wondering if anyone could enlighten me as I'm confused by what I've read. In particular, do lenses for digital and 35mm cameras vary in design, or will a lens that's marketed as being 'for use with 35mm' work with my digicam? hope that makes sense.

Also does anyone have one of the Lensmate A80 adapter rings, and are they any good? I'm told Canon's adapter is rubbish due to being made of not-very-strong plastic.

orion999 Mar 26, 2004 10:32 PM

Well.... for your question, answer is yes and no.

In fact the lens for digital and lens for 35mm cameras all share the same design goal of focusing the image on to a sensor (aka CCD/CMOS electronics in digital or film in 35mm cameras). I guess what you get confused is camera lens and lens converter. A camera lens is the prime optics placed just in front of the film/CCD to pull remote object into images, while a lens converter is addon optics to the camera lens in order to change the optical property of it. Lens converters exist for both digital or 35mm camera lens. What we talked about addon lens to A80 is *lens converters*. So they cannot live by themselves and require a camera lens to sit in front of the film/CCD sensor and modify the behaviour of it.

So you might now understand a usual 35mm camera lens cannot be simply added in front of a digital camera as the digital camera *already* has it's own lens equivalent firmly built into it.

Lensmate's adapter definitely is a much better alternative to the Canon one, especially when the price is almost the same. I will recommend you getting the 37mm threaded one (if possible) for more flexibility in connecting addon lens.

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