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Default Canon TC-DC58N tele


is it OK to use?? (i am 602z user) of course I know everyone said B300, but is it very great different? (in Hong Kong B300 need around US$153, and 58N need US$88)
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Default Re: Canon TC-DC58N tele

Originally Posted by stocklazarus
is it OK to use?? (i am 602z user) of course I know everyone said B300, but is it very great different? (in Hong Kong B300 need around US$153, and 58N need US$88)
To the best of my knowledge, the B300 is a discontinued product and this is the reason that it is expansive. Maybe the newer TCON17 is exactly the same thing. ????

In theory, there is nothing preventing you from mounting a TC-DC58N on your camera as long as it "fits." It is the word "fit" that may cause headaches. First, you need to figure out if the 58mm thread size is compatible with your camera's thread size. If it is not, you need adapters, step-up and/or step-down rings. Second, even though it has the same thread size, since the camera lens may extend when you zoom in, the camera lens may touch the rear end of the DC58N. This means you need to use the adapter from the camera maker (Fuji) and possibly other rings to mount the DC58N. Third, after the lens is mounted on the camera, check for vignetting. In other words, if zooming the camera lens all the way in and there shows no darker corners, then you will be able to use the DC58N. However, please keep in mind that image quality may be lower because the DC58N may not be at the best position.

Nikon Coolpix 950/990/995/2500/4500 user guide
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I can not speak for the Canon lens. But, the B-300 is a good lens(much better than lenses such as Raynox,etc.). But even better is the Sony VCL-HGD1758(it is sharper and has a great deal more zoom range without vignetting than b-300) and the Olympus TCON 14b(is a 1.45x, but is so sharp that it resolves about the same detail as the 1.7x b-300, and resolves more tan the b-300 near the edges, the tcon14b also has the greatest amount of usable zoom range withtout vignetting-about 109mm-305mm 35mm equivalent on the fuji 602). Howver, the sony HGD and Olympus 14b are metal body(heavy) lenses that weigh over a pound. Additinally, the Olympus tcon-14b has front filter threads so you can protect it all times with a UV filter. Though, it is 86mm filter threads and the cheapest UV lens I could find for that size is a little over $40.

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I tried the tcdc58n on my 602 at the local camera store last week.
No vignetting with a little room to zoom out. However, chromatic abberation was out of control.

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