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i have canon lenses and speedlight ex420.... i am wondering if they can be used on Nikon 200D with some sort of Adapters.

if so , then how and what are the names and models of such add-ons
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Canon lenses are not compatible with Nikon DLSRs for various mechanical and optical reasons.

There are adapters to use Nikon lenses on Canon cameras however, but only in manual mode!

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Bob is right.
Canon EF lenses are all completly electronic controled, if you did manage to mount one on a Nikon body you would be unable to select an aperture or activate the diaphram.
A similar thread here: http://photo.net/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg?msg_id=00IiPZ

If you are interested in low light work or high ISO use also read: http://www.sportsshooter.com/message...html?tid=17932

Same goes for the ex420 flash. The ETTL2 flash language used by Canon to control the flash is completely different than what the Nikon SB's use.

If you are changeing brands it is a cold start, you need to buy everything again.

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No, Canon lenses cannot be used on Nikon bodies. I believe the nikon mount is a few millimeters further away from the film plane than canon.

This is why when you buy an SLR you are buying into the system. You must therefor look at what the system has to offer and make your decision based on that. Bodies change, but your investment in lenses should last for decades.

Once you buy into a system, it is quite unwise to change systems because of the loss associated with the lenses and other accessories.

I have and still use Nikkor lenses that I bought back in the 70's, and my Nikon F2AS.

Adapters, when you can get them, will allow some lenses to be used optically, but rarely (if ever) are any features available. In other words - no AF, no AE and no IS.
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