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Default Choosing lens filters for s95.

I've seen those 30-40 dollar small little adapters that screw into the tripod mount (and the other one which has an adapter glued to the front of the camera) and go over the lens barrel for the s95 but really don't want to pay that much and so I've come down to this:

Buying: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...sr=1-2&seller=

sanding down the 30mm end, putting it onto my s95 and using 37mm filters that way.

I'm sure this will work (and hopefully won't cause any vignetting) but now I need just a little guidance in choosing between two filter sets I found on Amazon (for a cheap price).




They're both probably low-ish quality but all I really needed was the polarizer and to have found these with the additional filters is a nice bonus.

So the question is: Should I pay the extra bit for the 8 dollar set or buy the 3 dollar set? (I've been trying to spend as little as possible)
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It isn't clear how you will keep the filter on the lens as it doesn't seem to provide a filter ring.

I do question the quality of a set of three filters for under $10 however. A good filter should be perfectly flat on both sides as well as having both sides perfectly parallel to avoid optical distortions. The glass should be tinted equally to avoid colour abnormalities. The filter should also be multi-coated to reduce reflections under certain lighting conditions and I doubt these filters qualify.

All I can say is "caveat emptor" (Let the buyer beware).
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Check it out.. I would go with this over anything/anyone else.
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