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I have the Hoya set of +1, +2 & +4 close up lens and was wondering what characteristics of these (if any) effect depth of field. For example, if a camera has two +4 close ups fitted will it give an identical DOF as if it had four +2 close ups fitted instead? Both should give +8 diopter but with twice as much glass will this effect the DOF at all?
So in essence, keeping the total diopter the same is there any way you can have order/configure closeup lenses to give a better DOF).
(I assume the 4 lense example would block more light and give more aberations but for this question its irrelevant, as is camera settings and proximity to target).

I was also wondering if the order you put on the +1, +2 & +4 closeups will have any effect on DOF. I'm using a Panasonic FZ20 which requires an adapter tube, so the closeup lenses can have differing distances to the actual camera lens assembly. I've noticed that magnification does seem to increase the closer to the lense I hold a close up filter, so it makes sense to have the +4 closest to the camera lense and the +1 furthest out. Would also make sense that two +4's would be better magnification than four +2's since they are physically closer to the lense.
Am I just seeing optical illusions or trying to be too hopeful? Ideally I want to be able to take photos of minute things and want a massive amount of magnification in macro, but some close ups is all i can afford on my budget and i'd like to get the most out of the close up filters i've got.

thanks for any answers to these questions


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Can somebody please answer this questions to the friend here??

I have the same doubts, recently I also bought a set of cheap closeup filters (mine are not even Hoya's, they don't have a brand name!:shock:, well too late I alrady paid for them and they should arrive this week...will post some photos when they do). My filters have +1, +2, +4 and +10 magnifications and I have the same doubts pelmen has. Also, if anyone has a set of filters like this, please show us some macro photos so we can know how this things really work!

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Hi pelmen,

Some interesting reading for your questions:




I am sure it will give you the answers you are looking for.

That is, if you are still around here...

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Some close up lens are not as good as they might be. The best method is bellows or lens extensions.
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