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pianoplayer88key May 12, 2004 8:49 PM

I like the built-in telephoto on the S1, but I would like to get a bit closer without having to use the digital zoom. I've been eyeing the 8x crystalvue because of the super telephoto capability, but... Is there anything that would be better for what I'd use it for (something that still lets in a reasonable amount of light, has a variable manual zoom (for example 1x to max)? Also how big (physically) is the crystalvue? Oh, another thing, minimal vignetting(sp?) when using wide-angle end of the optical zoom.

For wide/fish, I'd like something that's decent quality, and gets to at least a 25mm wide-angle equivalent (20 or lower would be nice). This lens is low on my priority list right now.

For macro, I'd just like a good macro lens.

The Canon ones seem to be overpriced to me.

orion999 May 19, 2004 2:53 AM

Although the crystalvue type monoscope (including Kenko 8x32, eagleeye 5x, taiwanese 8x32 and nikon 8x20) gives you 8x extra zoom multipler, they are not really tele-converters and has some drawbacks:

1. These 8x monoscope is not Auto-teleconverters. By "Auto" means you need only take care of the host camera (your S1 IS) to focus the target correctly. In the case of non-Auto you have to adjust the manual focusing on the monoscope for certain extent (depending on the target distance you shoot) to assist the DC built-in auto focus in operation.

2.The resolving power for distance objects is quite low because of the small objective lens diameter which control the light intake. This results in highly magnified image of the target but low or no detail.

3. As these 8x monoscopes are NOT REALLY tele-converters they designed without the host camera lens in mind.You would find the photos taken suffering severe edge-blurring effect due to the curvature of field of focussing plane. As a result the photo looks ONLY clear at the middle, say30% of view.

4. All such monoscopes has small eyepiece diameter (rear glass less than 28mm across) and so the you will need extensive zooming on your DC to clear the vignetting.

In general I would suggest you getting high quality Auto tele-converters specifically designed for DC (e.g. Olympus TCON-17) which has magification multiplier less than 2. ;)

pianoplayer88key May 20, 2004 6:07 PM

I'm looking for something such that at the minimum I can get as much optical zoom as my camera can normally do optical and digital combined.

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