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Default Eagleeye OpticZoom 5x vs CrystalVue Optics Sharpshooter 8x32


I have been looking to upgrade the zooming capabilities on my Kodak DC4800 digicam. I already have the Kodak/Ektanar 2x telephoto lens.

A while ago I came across the EagleEye 5x lens, and was pretty impressed, but just in the last couple of days I have come across the CrystalVue Sharpshooter and Kenko lenses (on the web) and reviews of them.

What have people found to work best for them? My understanding from the reviews at Steve's Digicams is that the CrystalVue is better than the Kenko, but no comparison is made to the EagleEye. Although since it has a larger zoom factor, and lower price ($149 vs $200+), I would expect that the CrystalVue would be better value.

Also most of the reviews of the lenses seem to be on Nikon cameras, which I understand have 28mm threads, the Kodak has 43mm thread, so would this mean that the Kodak would have more vignetting (since the lens would obstruct more of the picture)?

Would it be possible to use a step-up ring and mount my Kodak 2x zoom onto the end of any of these 3 lenses, to double the zoom factor? Would that increase vignetting once again?

Any advice is appreciated. Also if anyone knows of good lens/filter places in Australia (where I live) it would be appreciated.


Elia Vecellio
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Elia --

I have the CrystalVue 8X for my Nikon CoolPix 995 -- and it is absolutely great. Like you, before I got it I did a fair amount of comparison research -- and it has lived up to the favorable reviews.

The lens is very light and produces an excellent image. As is the case with any major tele, for best imaging it does require a tripod or other solid support.

The back thread on the CrystalVue is actually a very standard 37mm (as is used for telescopes and many digi cam accessories) -- the 28mm capability is actually a thread on adapter. I purchased my lens from Adorama and it came with the 28mm adapter standard, but I have seen it advertised elsewhere either without an adaptor or with a different adaptor. I've also seen the CrystalView in use on a variety of brands, so I wouldn't think vignetting would be too much of an issue.

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Default Lens

I have Nikon 990 with a Kenko 8x32, EagleEye 5x OpticZoom, Nikon TC-E2, Olympus B-300. The Kenko 8x32 takes good pictures but isn't the easiest to focus and being 8x is a little harder to hand hold. The EagleEye 5x OpticZoom is easer to get in focus and at 5x can be hand held. It also has the ability to attach the Olympus B-300 to get added power. The Nikon TC-E2 also takes great photos but doesn't have the power but you can attach the Oly. B-300 to it which makes it a hard combo to beat. Samples can be seen from this webpage http://www.jtgraphics.net/photo.htm So if you want one lens I'd suggest the EagleEye 5x OpticZoom or the TC-E2+Olympus B-300 a great flexable combo for a Nikon 990 of course.

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Default Zoom lens in Australia

I have a Sony S85 and wanted to talk to some other Aussies who may have already purchased tiffen, Eage Eye or Crystalview lenses and have one on the camera.

I'm in Cairns, but am heading down to Brisbane and Sydney late August and would love to see / buy a great zoom for my cam.

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I've got to agree with J.T.Graphics on this and suggest the Eagle Eye OpticZoom for your camera. The CrystalVue 8x32 works very well with the CP series Nikons with the 28mm thread size, but you would be pushing it a bit with your 43mm to go 8x. The optics are considerably better on the OpticZoom 5x, but other variables with some cameras make this difficult to see unless you have them side by side.

I've tested both the CrystalVue and OpticZoom (Eagle Eye) as well as the Kenko 8x32 which is a converted monocular, with a wide range of digicams. The CrystalVue and Kenko both work better with the Nikons than with most other cameras and the OpticZoom works better than either of the 8x32's with a broad range of cameras. It's definitely worth the difference in price, and you can, as J.T. said, add a B-300 or TCON-14B on the end of the 5x for added versatility.

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