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Default Experiences on Sony Mavica CD500 camera & accessories


I would like to hear if anyone has any comments concerning the new Sony Mavica MVC-CD500 digital camera. Also I'm very interested in experiences with the Sony's lenses and other accessories aswell. The camera would come to serve in various situations anywhere from landscape and larger views photographing into even some occational macro-shooting, and everything in between.

The .pdf brochure of this camera (provided at Sonystyle.com website) lists in the optional accessories list VCT-D680RM Remote Control Tripod and VCT-R640 Lightweight Tripod, but are the VCT-D480 and VCT-580 also compatible with this camera and can all of these tripods control the camera's most important actions? .. and what exatcly can be controlled by the tripods, and is the camera easy to mount on these tripods without any extra adaptors? Does anyone have any experience with these Sony's own and quite expensive tripods or are they just a waste of money?

Also I'd like to know does the VCT-R640 Lightweight Tripod have these controls for the camera, and why is it called "lightweight" cause according to Sony's website it's more heavier than all the VCT-D480/580/680 models?

My other question relates to the wide angle and telephoto lenses. The brochure lists only VCL-DEH07V Hi-grade Wide Angle Conversion Lens and VCL-DEH17V Hi-grade Telephoto Conversion Lens as compatible, but I've come across at online-shops to such lens like (for example) Sony VCL-MHG07A, Sony VCL-ES 06 A, Sony VCL-ES 20 A, Sony VCL-R 2052 which appear to be compatible for this camera model? Atleast they are seldomly listed in the "accessories" for this camera model.

Another questions of my is that how much do these extra lenses (for example VCL-DEH07V and VCL-DEH17V) affect the quality of photographs taken, and should I buy the VAD-S70 Conversion Lens Adaptor also when purchasing for example these two lenses mentioned above or do they fit without any adaptors?

Also I'd like to inquire any experience with the Sony's MVC 4 camera bag. I'm thinking of buying it alongside the accessories pack (MVCD2) which comes with the bag, extra battery and 3x CD-RW dics.

My last questions concerns HVL-F1000 External Flash. Does the flash need any outside power (battery, etc) or is it simply hooked on the camera and it's all ready? And does one need to purchase any cables or optional accessories to get the flash in working condition ?

All my questions would concern the European model of this camera, if there is one made and sold separately (which I doubt cause the "USA model" CD-500 has a user selectable NTSC/PAL option for the outputted video, which hints it's the same as the European version).

Thanks for all the information in forehand!

Milan Kolarovic
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Hello Milan,

I just got my 500 on 05-13 I did purchase a filter lenes kit (3) lenes see the link below because I used a American Express card the price went from $199 to $99 and it comes with the adaptor to mount the filters. If you buy it from sony you will have to buy an adaptor it's about $35. I'm also trying to find more info on which tele lens to buy when I find something I'll let you know.


James Newman
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just my opinion , i have sony dsc-s75, i try sony vcl-2052 x2 tele adapter.
my opinion - dont buy it , no details no contrast , this is videocamera adapter , cant handle hi res for digital camera,
tiffen mega plus is better , but not best yet,
im still tryeing to get others
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