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Not sure if this is the right forum for this question...but here goes:

I'm heading out to Sedona, AZ next month. Wonderful photography opportunities. In the past, I've used a polarizer with a Fuji s9000 and I didn't adjust the exposure. I then did some PP in Picasa, but not a lot was needed.

I like the affect the polarizer gives (deepening sky color), so I'd like to use a polarizer with my Panasonic FZ28. (Purchased a Hoya circular polarizer on E-Bay but read later that a linear might give me better pictures. That seems a little contradictory to what I've read before, but that discussion is probably better left to another thread.)

However, with all the automatic adjustment that the FZ28 makes "on it's own", I don't know if I should make any manual adjustments to the exposure when I use my polarizer. I know the polarizer cuts about 1 1/2 stops of light. However, I don't know if the camera automatically adjusts for this or not. I will shoot in JPEG and use the "P" and "IA" modes, at least to start.

I'd appreciate advice from anyone who has any experience with the FZ28 (or other similar cameras) using a polarizer and making (or not) adjustments to the exposure settings. Thanks for your help.
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Circular polarizers are fine with either p&s cameras or SLRs, but linears can have bad effects on SLR autofocus systems. You shouldn't notice much, if any difference with your FZ28.

The exposure system compensates for the light loss through the filter, so you don't have to make any changes, except for maybe setting your contrast level a bit lower due to the polarizer's tendency to increase contrast. It is a judgement call, though, and a lot of people like the extra contrast and punchy colors.

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