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Just a newbie question prob.. I have a digital rebel xt. I am wanting to start shooting with the fish eye lens at parties and events.. I have been on ebay and seen a whole bunch of lenses and fisheye attachments ranging from 50.00 to 300.00 $$ I was just wondering if one brand is better than the next. There are two many to choose from and all of them claim they are the best..


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Some fisheyes are really not "fisheyes". Instead, they are uncorrected wide angle lenses (i.e., allowing barrel distortion to occur). Most good front mounting fisheye converters are expensive, ranging from $200 to $300+, and some of them may not have good build quality. Moreover, there are two types of fisheye lenses, full-frame and circular. Most expensive fisheye lenses are capable of projecting a circular image to your SLR lens. When the SLR lens zooms in to some degree, a full-frame fisheye image can be obtained, although in some combination your camera may not able to focus. The Nikon FC-E8 is a very good but rather expensive lens. It has a 46mm thread. Since this thread size is small, you may need step-down rings. To get a circular image, you camera lens must have a focal length of less than 24mm. Otherwise, you will get a clipped circular image. A prime lens is highly recommanded. See the Fisheye page of my Panasonic FZ-30 user guide for more spec detains of the Nikon FC-E8. Raynox also has a circular fisheye lens; but, I did not have experience in using it and hence no comment.



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Thanks for the help... I will prob just wait and spent the cash...

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I picked up one of those fisheye adapters for my cam off ebay.
a cheap one, ive seen it from $30-$65 on there, i got it for $35.

Its.. ok

is it worth the $35, sure! i think so,i use it alot

I do notice that you lose some image quality, ecspecially around the edges.
My camera ( Kodak DX6490 dosent have the greatest image quality to start with, so mabey on a rebel it would be less noticable..)

If its just to mess around try a cheap one,

if its for more professional stuff, id go for something a lil more expensive.

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i agree, I had a "wide" converter when i had my fuji S5500 (same ebay front mount ones) and sure, it widened a little and even gave a fun fisheye distortion, BUT the edges were so blurry that its useless! Its not a real fisheye, but a CONVERTER that simply distorts the image to 'look' like a fisheye.

There are still cheap fisheyes LENSES out there, for DSLRs. Most notably are the Russian made Zenitar and Peleng lenses. I have bought my Zenitar for $150USD for my Pentax K100D now (and still waiting), but if you have a read at the Pentax dlsr forums the Zenitar is quite highly rated. The Peleng is a bit more expensive at around $300USD, but is a true 180 degree 8mm lens. and both of these are manual focus.


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