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My camera of course ( I QUITE LIKE IT) Fuji FinePix S700, with a 46mm thread.

What are the best brands & sizes lenses and filters to buy for this camera? What brand & size of adapter ring?

I am so confused and frustrated with looking around the big huge internet that doesnt even get you where you want, but to some stupid riddle answer.

I want to know what has been tried and is the direction to go? i have heard of using Olympus lenses (with a Fuji??????) and I also have heard of Raynox and Opteka.

I want to be able to buy what I need to take good photos, and be able to use them without having to order more (missing?) accessories. I am a 'creative' photographer with children! I want to be able to experiment and get the quality of pictures I want! i love taking photos of all things that spark my interest, moving or still.

Can someone get back to me on this and tell me what all I need to do and maybe some good places to buy over the internet? i live in Canada so a Canadian purchase is where I am aimed if I can help it!
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I own and use a Fuji S9000. I tried Optika add on lenses (wide angle and telephoto). I was very disappointed in them. The tele lens didn't add much over the camera's lens, it blurred the image and caused viginetting. The w/a didn't do much either.

I know Fuji has a new w/a add on for the S9000. You might want to check out the web site at : http://www.fujifilm.com/products/dig...ens/index.html

This is a USA web site, but you may find what you want by contacting them.

Good luck

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My UV and Circular Polizier for my Fuji S-9100 are both tiffen brand. I find tiffen works the best as they have thin lips and cause no vinting and distorision forfuji S-9100i currenty use. Also used the UV filter same brand on fuji S5100 andS5200.As for add on lenses..... I tired the Fuji add-on wide angle lense (58mm threads) and was disappointed in all the vinting and haze on out parts that I got. Currently I have no add on lenses for it. I was going to try the telephoto but the place I was at didn't have one.

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Im in Canada too. Henry's has a wide angle conversion lens. Its crews on like a filter. It sells for $200. With the use of step up rings you can use any filters at all. The one exception is you need a circular polarizing filter. A linear one doesnt work. I use all my filters, close up #1, 2 & 3, uv, skylight, lens hood, and a host of other things that I used on my 35mm. Using step up rings allows all the things to attach.

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I'm not sure what size threads the s700 has on it, but I use a Sony VCL-HGD1758 on my Fuji S6000. It has 58mm threads on it, so it doesn't have to use any form of adapter. It's a 1.7X, and I'm not able to tell any real difference in sharpness when I add the teleconverter. The only real problemis the fact that it is a very heavy lens and I had to buy a support bracket for the front part of the lens and shoot it almost exclusively off a tripod.

(oops....I saw your reference to a 46mm thread after posting this initially)
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