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Hello fellow FZ10 owners, I wonder if any of you can help me with this. I want a large zoom capability for my FZ10. I have read the posts by David Fong in his "rough guide" and Dr. Shene's comparisons covering the Canon TL-55 (1.4X 5.6oz.) ... TCON 14B (1.45X 16.8 oz.) ... TCON-17 (1.7X 9.1 oz.) ... Minolta Act-100 (1.5X 17.8 oz.) ... Sony VCL-HGD1758 (1.7X 20.0 oz.)...
Now... out of these mentioned, there is quite a bit of difference in weight. Does this weight difference affect performance or quality of the lens or its abilities tocapture as sharpan image as possible?
I would prefer the lighter options if there isnt a performance hit, but would be willing to "lug" a heavy lens instead if it was superior.
My next question is, has anyone any experience with or opinion on the "Raynox" brand of lenses? Specifically the DCR-2020Pro (2.2X 9.7 oz.)
I know some of you use the Canon TL-55 but have seen mentioned a TL-55 3.0X. Is the 3.0X for camcorders only? I cant seem to find any information on it. Anyone know anything about it?
Any other suggestions outside of stacking lenses? Are there any larger than 2.2X telephoto lenses well suited for the FZ10? Anything as long as the Image Stabalization function will still work. Even though at these magnifications the ideal would be tripod mounted with OIS off, I imagine a monopod or a "braced" shot might be possible with the OIS activated.
Finally, Is the Panasonic lens designed for our camera superior quality glass comparable to the Leica installed on the camera? Has anyone seen any comparisons between the Panasonic lens and one of these other mentioned?
Thanks for any help, advice and opinions. Dave
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Well, the Raynox 2.2x is a new lens, just coming out a few months ago, so only a few people have tried it; the one I know tried it with an Olympus C-750 (38-380mm lens), is very happy with the lens, although says it's about 2.1x.

Personally, I'm more interested in wide angle converters, and before I used a Canon .7x, but was not happy with it due to it having barrel distortion...I then got a Raynox DCR-6600Pro which is a .66x, and it has no visible barrel distortion with my camera (Olympus C-700, 38-380mm). I'm looking at the Raynox 2.2x myself, but it isn't cheap, but it's worth the money.

Whatever you do, stay away from Digital Optics, Crystal Optics, Opteka, or any other inexpensive or video lens.

BTW, Raynox shows the various lenses right on the Panasonic FZ10 and shows sample pictures with and without the lens attached (click on the lens for sample photos):

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Old Jul 22, 2004, 4:36 PM   #3
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Truthfully, the Olympus TCON-14B 1.45x is the "best" all around teleconverter for your FZ10. The TCON-17 1.7x works, but has very little zoom back range without vignetting while the 14B lets you zoom back a considerable distance.

If you don't need or want optical quality equal to the Leica lens on your camera you "can" use the Raynox, but I sure don't recommend it myself. The down side of the Olympus TCON-14B is that it's very large and very heavy. The up side is that it has a huge, ED/APO quality lens, and here's a big plus. You can zoom back with your FZ10 with the 14B attached and shoot at the same focal length (420mm) as full zoom without the teleconverter and you won't get the troublesome chromatic aberration you get at full zoom with the native lens. I usually leave the 14B on my FZ10 just for that advantage alone.

Best regards,

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Old Jul 25, 2004, 12:45 AM   #4
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I like my TL-55. I think the pictures I've seen taken with it are very good. My results with it have been good. I think the ultimate would be the Panasonic lens but I could never find a place to buy it. I'm sure you've seen the sites with the lens examples. The TL-55 is pretty light and compact.
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Thanks to everybody that took the time to help. I cant believe that I may actually pay $500 for the LTZ10. I am still looking to determine if there is a lens that could be considered the "next best to" the LTZ10. If so, how "fast" is it. There is no use in getting a lens so slow that you need a super bright day to get acceptable results. I cant really afford the LTZ10 but when you throw in lens speed, the tripod mount and lens quality the price gets more comparable. I was really hoping to get more than the 1.5X as well. I dont mind having to swap lenses when I want to get far away shots so the close in vignetting is not really a problem. Thanks again everybody. Dave

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