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Default Good place to buy filters in the UK?

For those of you from the UK; where do you buy filters from?

I am looking for an online store (or a nationwide brick-and-mortar shop) that offers a wide range of filters because I'm interested in a UV and polariser filter, but I think I also want a few ND filters and a reasonably priced infrared one too. The best shop I have found so far that meets my needs is www.2filter.com, but this is in the US and even though they ship overseas I'd prefer to go without that hassle.

Ideally, I'd like a shop that also stocks lens tubes (Olympus or 3rd party) and other related stuff like lens caps and step-up rings too.

Thanks in advance

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I use Jessops because they are handy, there is one in most towns in the UK and they will pricematch any online UK dealers or any UK shops, all you have to do is take a printout of the site, I recently saved a massive 100 off the shop price of a new camera....
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I'm glad Eddie asked this question. I wanted some filters from the Hoya range a while ago. First I discovered that the UK (Even EU) range is less than for the US guys. I found a website in Germany that appeared to offer the whole range - but trying to buy anything was a BIG prob as emails and conditions of trade were always in German and Babelfish struggled a lot! I was after trying to get a 55mm circular polariser ND filter, but gave up trying to source one in the end.VOX
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Dave - Thanks for your reply. I had thought of Jessops but they always seemed much more expensive than online stores and I didn't realise they offered a price-matching service. As it happens I have found a suitable shop since starting this thread though. SRB Film Service offer everything I need at absolutely excellent prices, so I'll be giving them a try soon. I'm most interested in trying out their acrylic-sheet infrared filter that cuts out all visible light for just 24.95. Any that I've seen this cheap before only cut all but the darkest red light, and even though it's not a proper galss filter I'm hoping that it'll be good enough to satisfy my curiosity in I/R photography.
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Default speedgraphic


they have lots of choice.
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