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gmlasam Feb 11, 2003 1:07 PM

Help!! Can't decide between Raynox 1850 and Olympus A-200!
I'm in the market for a good telephoto lense. I've narrowed it down to two, the Raynox 1850 (1.85x), 52mm telephoto and the Olympus A-200 (1.5x), (I think it is a 49mm mount thread). The B-300 is out of the question, beyond my the price I'm willing to pay for. The Raynox is about $108.00 at and the A-200 sells for $85.00 online.

I will be using it on an Olympus C-4000Z. Anyone out there have compared these two lense first hand?

Bob Y Mar 2, 2003 1:21 AM

I have the Olympus C-210 for my Olympus E-100RS, which is pretty good but only at the longest focal zoom (1.9 X) (It was a good buy).

But I was ready to get the Canon TL-55 as a better overall lens than the A-200, according to the best of Olympus Talk Forum folks.

Good Luck,

luckyart60 Mar 2, 2003 4:14 AM

Raynox Lens
I have recently purchased Raynox lens, please check out the first test shots I have taken.

Please check out at

Im still a real newbie so my photos still need to improve.

In anycase I will be interested in any commentson either the lens or my photos

eric s Mar 2, 2003 12:39 PM

I asked about TCs for the 5700 awhile back. Someone directed me towards a 1.8x and 1.85x Raynox lenses. The example photos on the Raynox for the 1.85x lens were really quite bad. Loss of detail, trouble with highlights (this is from memory.)

Ok, I was feeling nice. Here is the link to that discussion:

Assuming these are the same lenses as what you are thinking of, then I'd look more seriously at the other suggestions.

gibsonpd3620 Mar 3, 2003 7:24 AM

Olympus makes great optics, but I have been very satisfied with my Raynox 1850

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