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Default Help me choose!!

I'm pretty much confused about waht is best to buy!
I want to buy a tube adapter and I want to buy a UV from B+W perhaps to use ALWAYS with my camera.
I also want to buy a mcro lens and perhaps I'll buy the Olympus MCON-4 since I've found it amost as cheap as Raynos DCR-250.
Since I was cosnidering of buying a 52mm adapter and filter to use with my Raynox lenses, I know don't know if I should buy a 55mm tube adapter to use with my 55mm filter and with my MCON-4 Oly lense (since I should put the Macro lense andthen the UV filter right?) or if I should buy a 52mm tube adapter and a 52mm UV filter and then buy an adapter ring (52 to 55mm) and out it on MCON-4 from Oly. Since then I'll be using more stuff then usual and since then I'll be puting the UV before the Macro lense, I don't know what is best!
Please advise me!
Love, Andrea
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Default Decisions, decisions...

Andrea -

If you already have a Raynox lens (or lenses), I would stick with the 52mm adaptor and with a decent UV filter. You can then add on a step-up ring (52mm to 55mm) to your new Olympus MCON-7 and keep it "permanently" attached to the lens. It would be, in my opinion, a lot easier to use (step-up ring plus lens) than having to swap adapter tubes off / on whenever you want to use your MCON lens.

If the Olympus MCON is your first add-on lens, then it's a little more difficult decision. I chose to go with the CLA-4 tube (55mm) on my C-730 with a B+W UV filter. I simply throw my Olympus B-300 or WCON-07 on without an additional step-up ring on either. If I decide to get a 52mm lens at some time in the future, then I'll add a step-down ring, not an ideal situation but certainly workable.

I keep my UV filter on all the time. As I said, it's a B+W filter and is very well constructed. Quality ring frame with sufficient thread that I can screw the lens on without fear that it might loosen up and accidently fall off. I really like the setup and have not noticed any problems with the UV filter mounted before the lens. Of course, neither lens has threads on the other end to attach filters (although I've read where some folks have developed ways to attach filters to their B-300 (TCON-17.))

Hope this helps.

Paul in Norther Virginia (NoVA)
C-730 B-300 WCON-07
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Thanks for your reply!
The only thing I own right now is the C-750 digicam, I dobt have the MCON-40 macro lense and neither the UV filter or tube!
That's why I'm begging for help!
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