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Hi all, this is my first post on this forum so please be kind if I don't quite have all the technical jargon down.
My wife and I purchased a Konic Minolta Dimage Z5 just before Christmas and have thoroughly enjoyed it. We just recently decided that we would like to get some more lenses for the camera so we purchased a 2x telephoto lens and a .45 Wide Angle lens with adapter and filters for the camera. They are nice and all but we were disappointed to see that most if not all the pictures we take with those lenses on come out very blurred/distored around the edges. Is this normal or did we simply not get the right kind of lenses or what?
Any light you can shed on the subject is incredably appreciated! Thanks in advance.:G
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Did you get the KM accessories or get somthing from another manufacturer? You need a well-made lens to get good corner-to-corner sharpness -- especially from an add-on. I think that the wide-angle lens offered for this camera by KM is .75X and the accessory list I've seen doesn't even mention a 2X telephoto, though a "conversion lens adapter" is mentioned. I guess there must be conversion lenses made or licensed by KM or they wouldn't have the adapter. The list price for the wide-angle lens is around $130.00. Could be if you tried to save some bucks and get some "reasonably priced" third-party accessories, they are not giving you the level of performance that the KM stuff would.

If you did get OEM accessories, then you certainly have cause for complaint. But keep in mind that true wide-angle lenses will tend to distort perspective -- especially of straight lines and especially near the edges of the picture. But it really shouldn't be blurred if the accessory was designed properly for the camera lens.

If this really bugs you, try posting a representative pic or two on the forum so that people who use these types of add-ons can give an informed opinion whether what you are seeing is "normal" performance.

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You often see a lot of teleconvertors (for fixed lens cameras ienotDslrs)at 2x or 3x on ebay or in local camera shops often with enticing names, Hi-Def, Pro-Grade or even with slightly better known names such as Opteka, Tokina etc all at good tempting prices.

It matters not, they are all rubbish.

Soft pictures, blurred pictures, distorted colours, out of focus pictures or totally unable to focus, thats what happens when you buy these cheap lenses.

The best tcons available with good quality glass tend to be limited to x1.5 or x1.7 ie the Canon tcons and the Sony tcons (vcl1758 etc)

Raynox have a x2.2 available you might be able to get semi resonable pictures from that, but really the 1.5-1.7 is generally the best range you will get.

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