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I am looking around to find something that will give me a lil boost (1.7 or 2X), for my little H50; and so far i've found only the original 1.7x tele from sony (300 dollars); and i wonder if anyone of you knows if there is something that can be adapted to my camera, and that give good results for tele shoots (gotta go to a superbike race, and want to take good shots ).

I saw some tele on ebay, but AFAIK they ruin the images if they are not good quality, so i would like to hear something from any of you that has this amazing camera and could suggest me what to buy without throwing away money

Thanks a lot!
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$300 for the sony 1.7x tele?
Its $132 at amazon.com

Another options is Raynox, they makes very high quality telephoto converter but the one that they have that will fit your camera cost a lot because your lens has a 58mm opening.

The Raynox DCR-2025 gives you a 2.2x power but it cost $230

here is a sample of that teleconvertor on the Sony H5
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How about using the VCL-DH1758 from the H1, H2, and H5? You can get those for much cheaper. You will need a step down ring to get to the 58mm thread.

Pemaraal has an adapter that will let you mount the 1758 directly without step down rings. But it is a little pricey. But the upside is you can use 58mm filters with the H50.

The 1758 can be had from as little as $50 (Fry's) to $100 (ebay). I pick mine up at Fry's. and this was new in box. It's a great quality lens too. Hope that helps.
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Have you looked into an Olympus Tcon 17? It is a fine lens and works on many similar cameras,
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