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Default Kodak DC4800 & Ektanar lenses

I just got the two +7 & +10 lenses for the DC4800, however I'm having a heck of a time getting them to focus. I wouldn't call myself a newbie in terms of using this camera or the digital camera world, but I also wouldn't call myself an expert.

I have seen references to the focal length, but I am not really sure how to set or determine it with my camera.

Does anyone have any experience with these lenses that can share?
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I have had these same lenses for the DC4800 for about 10 months now.

However I havent used them much, because I have also found it very hard getting focussed shots with them.

I think maybe it is due to the Depth-Of-Field being extremely short/shallow (?) (especially when they are doubled up to get +17), so you have to have exactly the right distance to get a decent shot.

Personally it would be nice if the camera had a mini-zoom in feature while focusing, so that you could tell (on the LCD) if a shot is in focus, and change if need be - muich like the Canon G2 and new Fuji's etc.

I find I just have to take heaps and heaps of shots, then wait till I get back to a PC to see if any of them are any good.

If someone has advice on how to use closeup lenses, please chip in. They dont come with any info on how to best use them, or how to use them on the DC4800

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