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Treadman Jan 16, 2004 12:10 PM

Kodak DX6440 Retinar WA & Tele questions
I have the Kodak DX 6440 & am thinking about adding the Kodak Retina 377mm Wide Angle Lens (.06x) & the Kodak Retinar 37mm Telephoto Lens (2x) along with the required 37mm Lens Adapter.
But I have several questions I'd appreciate some help with:
1. With either of these lenses attached, would I still have zoom capability?
2. Do these lenses produce pictures as sharp as the camera's Schneider lens? If not, how much deterioration should I expect?
3. Will the viewfinder & the LCD Display show me what the added lens is seeing, or is it a composition crapshoot?
4. Does the camera make any necessary adjustments &/or do I have to make any adjustments?
5. Can I still use the various camera modes (auto, sports, night, portrait, landscape, PAS, movie) when using these lenses?
6. Do the lenses block the viewfinder, LCD Display & Flash?

Thanks. I appreciate your input.

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