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i was given the kodak p850 asa gift and ireally like it. i would like to buy a fisheye lens and maybe a telephoto for it. i don't know much about cameras and am confused as to how to go about choosing a lens. all the mm, step down rings, adapters, etc are confusing. when i do a search for "kodak p850 fisheye" on google i always end up with the ebay listings for the opteka lenses and from what i've read on here, those are not exactly great. i am not looking for professional lenses but i also don't want a paperweight.

i've looked through the pemaraal site and b&h site but they don't have kodak listed, so again, i have no idea what to look for.

could someone direct me to a site that offers decent lenses for my camera or just tell me what size (?) lens i need to buy and i'll do the research. thanks!

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Liz, first you will need to buy the Kodak lens adapter. This will allow you to attach 55mm filters and lenses. I dont have a p850 but I've heard people say they have good results using the Olympus Tcon17 for telefoto lens. It will give an extra1.7x versus the Kodak 1.4x. And its a little cheaper
come and visit the Kodak forum here, a lot of helpful people there.

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thanks for you help, i think i will try the Tcon17.
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Old Jun 29, 2006, 2:27 PM   #4
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I bought a lens adapter for the kodak p850, but it's a 58mm adapter.
Did i buy the wrong one ?
I also bought a foxfoto close-up & macro lens set. I've not tried it yet though.
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The official Kodak lens adapter is 55mm, if its a non Kodak made adapter i assume they decided to widen the end slightly for some reason.

If it screws properly into the camera then the difference between the end thread being 55mm or 58mm can be solved easily with a stepup/down adapter or just buy 58mm addons, possibly slight more expensive than the 55mm (larger = more glass).

The excellent Sony DH1758 t'con is a 58mm lens, if you still need a t'con it comes at a good price, $100
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