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Default lens adapter for olympus c750

I own an Olympus c750 camera and I want to buy a lens adapter for it, so I can use an UV filter for protection and eventualy other accesories(filter or lens).
I think I need the CLA4 adapter but I don't really know if it came in diffrent versions like 45>55mm or 45.6>52mm.
Can someone advice me on this matter?
Thank you!
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Default Lens adaptor for C-750

xelanoimis -

You are correct in stating that a CLA-4 lens adaptor tube will fit on your C-750. It has the 45.6 mm threads that fit the camera and on the filter end, it has 55 mm for the TCON-17 or WCON-07 without having to use any adaptor (step-up) ring. Obviously, 55 mm filters work just fine (duh!) The only draw back to the CLA-4 is that it casts a shawdow on the lower left part of a picture when you are using the built-in flash AND fully zoomed out to wide angle.

I have a C-730 and use a CLA-4 adaptor. I keep a UV filter on it and do not have any vingetting over the full range of the camera's zoom. I do get a lower left shadow when I use the built-in flash at full wide angle (easy to fix, if required - either zoom in just a tad or take off the adaptor tube!) I like the CLA-4 as I can attach a B-300 (predecessor to the TCON-17) or WCON-07 without a step-up ring.

There are other options, too. www.2filters.com has filter tubes available with the 45.6 mm threads for camera mount but smaller diameter filters (up to 52 mm.) There are a number of lens manufacturers that use 52 mm lens mounts. I don't know if these adaptor tubes cause any shawdow when using the built-in flash at wide angle nor do I know if you will get any vingetting at wide angles (especially with some of the smaller tubes (such as with a 46 mm adaptor with a filter mounted.))

Regards -

Paul in Northern VA
C-730 B-300 WCON-07
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I use the Oly CLA4 adapter on my c750uz to attach both filters as well as both the tcon-17 and wcon-07 I have purchased for the camera. plg3 is correct however that on full wideangle shots when using just the CLA4 and a filter it can cause some shadowing on the bottom of pictures when using the flash. Just do as he says, either zoom in a little or take the CLA4 off if you need that wide of an angle. Its only a very minor portion of the picture and requires only a minor zoom in to eliminate its effects.
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Thank you very much for your replies.
They were very useful helping me to understand better what to buy ( I decided for CLA4 adapter)
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