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spyro123 May 6, 2007 12:00 AM

Hi, i'm trying to put a filter on my camera Panasonic FZ5, but it can't until i have the Lens Adapter tube. The problem is, i can't find it in my Town here in Jakarta. And trying to fnd it on Ebay, only found the adapter tube for FZ10, 20, not FZ5.

Anybody knows about the online store that sell it with a very good price ? Or, can i use the Adapter for FZ20 to my FZ5 ?


blindsight May 6, 2007 11:23 PM

Hi spyro123,

I also own an FZ5 - the lens hood adaptor that comes with the camera has threads on the front that accept 55 mm filters. It can also accept tele and wide-angle converter lenses with 55 mm diameter (I have the Schneider-Kreutznach Xenar converters which are accessories for the Kodak Z series cameras, but they also fit and work well with the FZ5), but I find that the plastic hood adaptor is rather flimsy, and the threads rather shallow (not many turns) for the large and heavy converters. However, filters should be no problem.

I have asked the same question here two years ago, and no one knew of any third-party adaptor for attaching filters/ converters. Someone recommended buying another OEM hood adaptor from Panasonic as spare.

Hope this helps.


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