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Does nayone have any experience with 2x or 3x tele adapters for these cameras? Looking to get something for Christmas and would rather rely on someone who has some expereince as a consumer rather than a salesman at this point. Thanks in advance.

BTW: Looking for something with a threaded end for using additional filters. The Canon tele lense does not support this feature.


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I've had experience with a Canon 1.7X tele-converteron a Canon A75. This, to put it in as few words as possible, was an expensive waste of money. Distortion andpurple-fringing were horrible, and at anything less than full tele the converter was useless, giving a circular picture inside the normal frame.

I found the converterreally inconvenient to use because any timeI wantedto do normal photography I had to take itoff the camera, and then put it back on again for a tele-photo shot. More than once, by the time I got the damned thing back on the camera, it was too late. Oh, yes - you'll also need an extra-cost adapter - from Canon, of course - to attach the converter to your camera. What a royal pain.

An Ultra-Zoom camera like the Olympus SP 500 or the Fuji S5200 would be a much better choice and would probably cost about the same as the set-ups you're looking at.
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I think you're far better off getting an ultrazoom digicam than trying to "fix" a modest zoom with an add-on extender. They were designed from the start for the purpose, they usually have other features like image stabilization and f2.8 speed that really let you take full advantage of that long zoom. They're ready to go when you need them. And you won't have problems like soft edges, distortion and vignetting that you would with add-ons.

With your 3x camera and 2x add-on, you're still only up to 6x zoom. Ultrazooms are 12x for starters (and then, what gets me,many people immediately started adding extenders to further increase the zoom!).

It's the more expensive option, but it's worth it. I am still amazed at the capabilities of my ultrazoom.

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