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Default Lenses

Stupid but are all add on lenses visible through the view finder and/or LCD display, since you don't remove and replace the complete lense. And when you use a telephoto and adjust it where you no longer see the opening are you reducing the actual zoom of the lense (for a telephoto). Sorry but I am new to add on lenses for a digital camera (i have a dimage 7hi) Thanks

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are all add on lenses visible through the view finder and/or LCD display
The answer is yes and no. Some lenses can still be used through the LCD and viewfinder at the same time - others not. Nikons coolpix series have problems with the wide-angle and the viewfinder (opticcal), but you can use the LCD, which is most common. You have to check for your particular lens.

Sorry but I don't understand the secons question. What do you mean by "opening" ?
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Depends on the type of camera you are talking about.

On a SLR -- the view is ALWAYS through the lens. That's why you can't use the LCD to take pictures on a digital slr.

On a non-slr digital, like my coolpix 990, the add on lenses do obstruct the view finder. Of course, you are not actually replacing these lenses but adding them on top of the permanently installed lens.

So, when you use an add on lens on a non-slr digital, you must use the LCD -- which sort of acts like your "through the lens" view anyway.

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Some digital cameras don't have an optical viewfinder-- they have an Electronic View Finder (EVF), which give you Through The Lens )TTL) viewing all the time. It's like a tiny color TV camera you put up to your eye. The resolution usually isn't the greatest, but the same info that would be displayed on the LCD is also displayed on the EVF. An added advantace of EVF's is that whether you have a wide angle or extreme telephoto adapter attached, What You See Is What You Get! On the downside, it can be difficult to frame a shot if there's not enough light, and some models don't have a brightness control, which makes viewing in direct sunlight a little challenging.
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