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Default minolta dimage 7hi capabilities

Can anyone tell me what the FULL capabilities are with this camera? Since it is only 7x optical, I know I can put a b-300 lens on it, (I own one with a 49-55mm adapter ring) and I want to know what else I can add on for more zoom - can a scope be added? --- can a lens with more than the b-300 (1.7x) be added? --- maybe the eagle optics 5x lens be added?--- I gotta know what can be added to equal the 10x optical I have with my olympus c-2100 plus the b-300 set up tha I am currently using , because I am going to get another camera and I'm liking the 7hi right now. I take bird photos , flight shots, macro shots of nature. I need fast and I need ZOOM ! Someone out there that can advise me on this ?
I would SO much appreciate some help !
Thank you in advance if you're out there!
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You canadd any lens you like. Will it significantly degrade the the optics on the camera? Probably.

Their are very few lenses that will offer near lossless magnification for this Minolta. The TCON-17 will cause some rather easily noticable degradation, especially away from the center of frame. I would recommend two lenses that I find to be superb on prosumer level cameras:

Sony VCL-HGD1758 (1.70x)(>$210)
Olympus TCON-14b (1.45x)(>$180)

These lenses will offer almost no image quality loss, and no appreciable light loss on the Minolta. They are a bit more costly then the TCON-17/B-300 but are superior optically. The TCON-17 still remains the best known value though. I don't know of another 1.5 or 1.7x that matches the qualities of the TCON-17 for the price.

For greater magnification(with excellent optics), your options are limited to (1) choice:

Olympus TCON-300(3.00x)(>$600 + >$100 custom adapter)

This will cost quite a bit, and require a custom fabricated adapter to be made to mount to the 7Hi too boot. But I don't think you could ask for a higher quality 3x teleconvertor for a prosumer digital camera.

NOTE: All prices given are average prices from reputable online retailers. Lower prices can be aquired from ebay and *questionable retailers.

If you need extremem telephoto capabilities, certainly this can be done(at a price) on the 7hi. But, it may be much more economical to get a digicam with the small diameter lens so that spotting scopes and economical teleconvertors can be used.

If speed/burst modes are very important, the only digicams I can recommend are:

Minolta 7Hi(good AF speed, excellent prefocused lag)
Fuji s602(good AF speed, good prefocused lag, most powerful burst modes of any prosumer class cam)
Olympus E-10/E-20(The TCON-300 attaches directly to these cameras with it's included adapter)(Very good prefocus lag, very good AF speed)(Though it shoud be noted the E-10 has max. 1/640 shutter speed available, limiting for action).

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