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Default Minolta S414 telephoto lense

Complete newbie just ordered a Minolta S414 wondering what i need to add a telephoto lens to this camera and is it advisable or will their be significant quality loss

Any help appreciated
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You have some options although I've never found anybody do an extensive test on the 404/414.

First off you'll want to step up to at least 43mm lens threads, you can do this two ways: www.2filter.com -- Heliopan 35.5mm to 43mm step up ring or www.photosolve.com - extendalens for 404/414.

The Heliopan screws into the front threads on the 414's lens - I have 2 problems with this sollution: the 404/414 has alluminum threads and constant screwing and unscrewing of this thing will probably shave away the threads eventually. 2nd- add a heave telephoto on the end- the minolta's lens barrel tilts down (it's a bit wobbly to begin with)- seems to stress out the camera motor as well.

I like the extendalens- its just a tube that goes around the vanity ring on your camera and has a rubber ring that holds it in place. SOme have complained that it fits so tight it has pulled the vanity ring off the 404, but I've never had a problem. ANd the extendalens makes it so you can take the add on lenses off and on faster. I think it's cheaper that the heliopan as well.

As far as lenses- total crap shoot. Wide angles will vignette with either sollution. Telephotos aren't bad, but you seem to loose some sharpness around the edges.

I bought an old Spectralstar video camera set off ebay for $20 (I didn't feel like dropping $200 on something i wasn't sure would work and wasn't sure I'd carry with me) -- see some samples here:
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thx for the advice............ i did order a set of opteka lenses .5 macro wide angle and x2 telephoto off of ebay and am getting similar results but the lenses with mini tripod step up ring and lense cleaning kit came to $49.95 so all in all i'm happy with the results versus costsand still experimenting how to get the best results

thx again
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