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Is there anyway to know for sure if the image stabilizer has stopped working? I'm starting to wonder if I have terrible hand shake all of a sudden. I was shooting at 1/125 without issue, then I was noticing some images that were not quite sharp and went up to 1/160 and now 1/200 and I seem to be still getting some images that are not tack sharp. Nothing bothers me more than seeing what would have been that perfect shot and I can't see those eye lashes. I'ma professional, and I shoot about 75% outdoors during the summer portrait season, and 25% in the studio and I've noticed it in both locations, so it is not due to hiking to get to locations and I'm not THAT out of shape. The only thing I can figure out is that the IS might not be working. I luckily bought the extended warranty, but I'm not sure how to part with my favorite lens for up to a month for them to write back and say, "DUH, nothing is wrong with the lens."

Is there any simple test that I'm just not aware of? (and YES, I have the IS turned on and NO I don't use the IS when I'm on the tripod)

If anyone could email me with some things to try or thoughts on the subject, I'd appreciate it. During this crazy senior/family season, I really don't get online much.


WI Girl

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I suppose that if you're a professional, this is an IS lens for a DSLR? This question would work better in one of the DSLR forums.

However, you could do a simple test. First make sure the IS is turned on!!!! I have occasionally fallen for this trap!!
Then take some shots at 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 1/15, 1/30 with IS, then the same without.

Compare results. There should be some difference if the IS is working.
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At the stated shutter speeds with a 24-105mm lens, you shouldn't be seeing much camera shake blur even with the IS turned off. Which is a thought - turn it off and see if your pics improve. If they do, the IS may be causing the trouble instead of helping correct it.

Other things to check/try - clean the lens mounting ring, and the electrical contacts, with a soft cloth. Use alcohol if there is greasy residue. Intermittent connections could do odd things. Also, have you noticed if the problem occurs at any particular time or weather condition? Since you do a lot of outdoor shooting, there is a possibility of moisture, and condensation in the lens at certain times, and not others.

good luck.

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I just thought I should post in the lens section, not the DSLR section.

I, as I stated, have certainly checked the ON button and I never use IS when on a tripod, which can cause an inverse reaction. I'll try the series of shots and again cleaning the contacts.
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