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when looking into a neutral density filter, what rating is suggested. I am looking to use one, outdoors when taking pictures of a fountain and river. If I go to the .9 rating, how much does that differ from the .2 ratings etc?
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Each step of 0.3 corresponds to half the light, so 0.3 -> 1/2 the light; 0.6-> 1/4 the light; 0.9-> 1/8 the light, etc.

Straight ND filters are seldom needed on digital cameras IMO. You can normally just cut your ISO rating by half for each step of 0.3 ND that you want. Occasionally, that won't get you down enough, but by far the more common problem is not enough light.

The one big exception is graduated neutral density (GND)filters. I use one that blends gradually from clear on the bottom half to 0.6 at the (usually upper) edge all the time, when I am trying to capture detail in a bright sky and a dark foreground. The need for the GND is to increase the dynamic range across the field of view by cutting down the extreme brightness at one part of the field of view. This keeps the sky from looking white when the foreground is properly exposed. FWIW

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0.3 is 1 stop less. As simple as that !
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