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tclune wrote:
I use Sunpak filters for my cheap filters. They are well made, but use green glass that is uncoated and aluminum mounts. They come with a nice plastic carrying case to protect them. They are good enough for my purposes. When you develop to a point that you need a better quality for a particular filter, you can get an expensive Hoya (the less expensive Hoyas aren't any better than any other cheap filter, and you pay a premium for the name). But you will pay as much for a top-line filter as for a top-line lens. They are PRICEY.

Ya know, you may be right. I have a Quantaray circ. polarizer and that'll be good enough until I sharpen my skills with my FinePix s5200.

This is only my fifth camera and only my second camera that could use lens/filters.
I'll wait til later to invest in accessories.
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I have had my S5200 for a few days now. One of the things I have been considering is a wideangle lens for the fuji. Most seem to have 52mm or smaller, and I would guess to stay away from the smaller. But I also want sharp edges (or what is the point of a wideangle if you have to crop that out?). The wideangle lens for the S9000 have 58mm threads, would going to something like that with a 55-58 adapter improve things with th S5200? Any decent wideangle converters that don't cost as much as the camera?
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i use cokin filters for my 7000, i find them easy just to slide in to its holder and they work well

and for the lenses i simply use raynox lenses for it. i have 2 in my camera case.. a DCR-150 for close up's and a DCR 2020 pro for the distance work

the url for the raynox is here

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