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I'm thinking of buying Minolta Dynax 7d (maxxum), and haven't got any SLR equipment, I've owned Dimage 7Hi before.
Now here's my question.. at beachcamera.com, they suggest four different tamron lenses to go with the camera.. whitch one do you suggest, and why? The one that seems to be the best seems to me to be "TAMRON AF 28-300MM F/3.5-6.3 XR DI LD FOR MINOLTA MAXXUM" for 379$. But is it really so? And is it worth the money, or should I buy something less expensive? Or do you suggest something completely else?
Is Tamron a "respected" company, do they make good lenses? Are lenses with such a big zooming range as this one (28-300) any good or do you think one should go in smaller steps? I'd like to have something that could zoom as much (or more) as the Dimage 7Hi could... I'm a student and haven't got the money to buy the really great lenses, and therefore I need an "allround" lens that I could use on most occasions.

Second question... the memory card suggested, is it any good? "HIGH-SPEED 1GB COMPACT FLASH MEMORY CARD" for 89$. Do you think one should buy any special kind of memory-card? is an Ultra II compact flash card better?

Check out the link below to see what I mean...


Anyone got any other suggestions where to buy the camera on the net for less money

I'd be more than glad for your help!!
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The lens you're looking at is considered sub-average.

Also, you may want to consider shopping around at different vendors. Although Beach Camera has a good reputation for camera prices, they are a bit high on the extras (memory cards, etc.). You're also not saving anything on this camera with them (almost everyone is selling itfor the same price now). The "High Speed" CompactFlash Card you're looking at there is likely very slow by today's standards.

I'd stick with a faster name brand card (i.e., Sandisk Ultra II, Lexar 80X) if I were you. You will be able to find these at a lower cost if you shop around (but make sure to check each vendors reputation). I'd probably go with a reputable vendor like B&H for the camera, lenses and accessories if I were you:


You will also want to take the crop factor into consideration for a model like the 7D. Since the sensor used is smaller than 35mm film, the entire image circle is not used. So, you must multiply the actual focal length of a lens by 1.5 to get it's 35mm equivalent focal length (angle of view).

I also responded to your thread here:


If you're on a budget, and really need a lot of focal range in one lens, you may want to consider something like this Tokina 24-200mm. It's an average quality lens (but rated a little better than the Tamron you're looking at). It would give you a 35mm equivalent focal range of 36-300mm on a 7D (after the 1.5x crop factor). Note that this would not get you as wide as your existing camera (you'd need a lens starting out at around 18mm for that).


Here is a user review for this lens (but it may behave a little differently on the 7D, since you are not using the entire image circle after the crop factor):


I'd probably consider going with more than one lens instead (buying higher quality lenses, without as much range from wide-tele in one lens).

A lot depends on what you want to shoot, and what the photos will be used for. If you need to take photos of indoor or night sports, etc., then you really need a much higher quality lens (able to maintain a constant f/2.8 aperture throughout it's zoom range). For portraits, a higher quality lens with alarger apertureis also recommended (brighter, prime lenses are popular for this purpose)

You may want to ask around on the Canon and Nikon Lens forums for lenses you are considering to see what users have to say about them (most 3rd party lenses from Tamron, Tokina and Sigma areavailable in Nikon and Canon mounts, too).
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