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joeysoap Jul 6, 2004 4:20 AM

Im not really happy with the lense as i dont think im getting equivalent of 608mm zoom
Is there a site that will show me what the zoom on the camera looks like with the lense and with out the lense .

Many Thanx

Mikefellh Jul 6, 2004 2:06 PM

608mm? The lens that comes with the camera is a 38-380mm...where do you get 608mm from?

Have you added another lens that you didn't mention?

The way to approximate what the X factor of a tele lens is to shoot something that fills the frame with the lens on the camera and the camera at full wide angle. Then take the lens off and shoot the same scene from the same distance, and start zooming in until you get the same framing you just shot with the lens, and take a picture. Take that file to the computer and look at the Exif info to see the difference between full wide angle and the focal length in the second picture...the difference is the X factor of the lens.

It may not be scientific, but it is good enough for the average person, and I've used that method to determine that an unmarked lens I bought is actually a 1.4x.

baman Jul 9, 2004 2:46 AM
(doesn't contain exactly the 608mm value, but good for some kind of comparison).
another one is here:
and a very clever one here:

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