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FISHRULE Sep 28, 2004 12:02 PM

Hi guys,

Big fan of this site, this site helped me buy a Powershot G2 way back when :cool:. Anyways, I feel the time has come to upgrade my old workhorse G2. I own the older accesory lenses for it. Namely the Wide Converter WC-DC58. Anyways, darn whats up witht his font now? Yeah so anyways, I was wondering if this lens will work well on the G6 image quality wise? I realize there is now a newer one with a N at the end of its name. Is this because the old converter has abysmal image quality on newer G model cameras? Thanks for any help!

Note: I have no way of testing this lens on newer G series cameras. I live in Jamaica and the G series is NOT a popular camera by a longshot.

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