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emilito78 Aug 24, 2007 10:11 PM

Hello i have a Pentax k100d, and I want buy a tele/telezoom for this camera but I have not too much money.

Taking advantage of my Camera┬┤s possibilities, to mount any old lens for pentax, and the cheap price of these, im interested in Screwmount lens, as in bayonet K cheap lens, manual or autofocus system.

I listed some lens and the prices that I have obtained of the same one. I hope your recommendation. Thank you Very very very much!!!

Asahi SMC Pentax-M 80-200mm f:4.5 u$ 70
Takumar-F 70-200mm f:4-5.6 u$ 140
Super Takumar 200mm f:4 u$ 90
Tamron 70-210MM f:3.8-4 adaptall u$ 80
Tamron AF 70-300MM f:4-5.6 tele-macro u$ 75
TOKINA AF 75-300MM f:4.5-5.6 u$ 80

SMC Pentax FA-J 75-300mm f:4.5-5.8 AL u$ 160
SMC Pentax DA 50-200mm f:4-5.6 ed u$ 280 new
Sigma 70-300 f:4-5.6 DG APO Macro u$ 230 new
Tamron AF 75-300mm LD Macro u$ 150
Tamron AF 70-300mm f:4-5.6 Di LD Macro u$ 185

All prices include aprox u$35 of postage and handling.

And Does someone know the performance of these lenses above?

SMC Pentax A 80-200mm 4.5-5.6
SMC Pentax FA 80-320mm 4.5-5.6
SMC Pentax FA 100-300mm 4.7-5.8

Thank you very much!

Sintares Aug 25, 2007 2:08 AM

Might bebetter to post this in the Pentax Lens forum rather than than the digicam (non-dslr) forum.

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