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CMassey Aug 25, 2003 9:50 PM

Opinions on Opteka lenses
Has anyone had experience with Opteka lenses, specifically the .5x High definition wide angle lens and the 2x high definition professional telephoto lens?

nicko44 Aug 26, 2003 2:00 PM

Opinions on Opteka lenses
In response to CMassey's request for opinions on Opteka lenses, I have also been trying to find a professional review of the Opteka 2.0 tele and 0.5 wide angle lenses that attach to the Fuji S602.
The only opinion regarding the actual quality of the lenses that I have found so far was extremely negative and was posted a few days ago to a UK photo forum called The reference to this view is
On the UK eBay site there are currently a number of auctions being held for these lenses by Opteka. However, while the feedback to these sales has been very positive, the feedback seems to be mainly with regard to the speed of shipment from the US to the UK, and not with the actual performance of the lenses.
I am wondering whether it would be safer to stick to the Fuji tele and wide lenses (1.5 and 0.79).

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