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Hi, I purchased a Fuji S5500 (S5100) a few weeks ago. This is the first digital camera I have owned that allows additional lens to be fitted, so I'm not very knowledgeable about such things. Any help and advice would be appreciated.

I'm interested in getting a polarising filter for said camera. A few questions:

Any recommendations on some good ones?

Do I need to purchase any other parts to make it fit my camera or does it screw into the adaptor ring supplied with the camera?

Which type should I go for Circular or Linear? I've heard some cameras cannot focus or meter correctly with the linear type. Not sure about the S5500.

Also, is a polarising filter the same as a UV filter? If not, how do they differ and could I have some advice and recommendations on UV's for my camera?

Thanks very much in advance
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Hi Scooby Snacks,

You should be able to mount filters, teleconverters, lens hoods, etc straight onto the supplied adapter. Do check the diameter required.

There are two types of Polarizer filters (Linear and Circular). The Circular Polarizer is best suited for autofocus cameras. B+H has a very reputable name. The circular polarizer is ideal for dealing with reflective surfaces i.e. water, glass, etc. It also has the potential to greatly enhance sky conditions (cloud and blue sky contrasts).

UV (Ultraviolet) filters are suited for hazy conditions and serve as a protector for your original camera lens as well. Its one of those filters that you can always leave mounted on your camera. I would say that the UV filter is the primary lens to obtain, followed by the Polarizer filter as secondary. Again, B+H have a reputable name. It may be worth your while to pay a bit more and get a multi resistant coated (mrc) version. Colours are more crisp and I believe you suffer less from lens reflections.

Good luck with your filter purchase and enjoy your new Fuji camera.



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