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Any find there is a difference between the Polarizing filters labeled for Digital that sell for $65 and up vs. a regular polarizer for about $19-$24 both being Circular.
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I don't know what the "digital" polarizing filters. However, I have been using a Tiffen Circular polarizer on my Olympus 765 UZ point and shoot for a year and a half and I have had no problems.
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I think a "digital" PL filter is just the traditional filter repackaged for the digital camera market. When I googled "digital polarizing filter" the first example was this:


If you zoom in on the package, it says "circular PL filter for digital and film cameras". So it's a marketing thing.

But this is what'simportant to know about PL filters:

All PL filters are circular in shape. That doesn't mean they are "circular"! There are two types--Circular PL and Linear PL.They are named by thephysics of how they filter the light. Here in a nutshell is what it means to camera users: If you have a SLR or dSLR camera with autofocus and optical viewfinder, you must use a circular PL. If you have a point and shoot camera with LED and/or electronic viewfinder, you can use either (of course you need a threaded lens or adaptor to mount them).

Linear filters are definitely much cheaper, and according to severalposts in this and other forums, are probably more effective for 98% of digital cameras.

I suspect, based on prices you indicate, the $65 "digital" filter is a Circular PL and the "regular" filters areLinear.

Check the package and/or filter ring--if it specifically says "Circular PL" or "CPL"or "Cir. Polarizing", it's a Circular filter. Anything else--"PL", "Polarizing" etc.--will be a Linear.

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