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Was just wondering if anyone knew anything about these filters.I bought a whole bunch of these filters at Wolf Camera during there buy two and get one free sale. But after using these filters on my digital and looking at the pics I have takin I am not sure if these filters are Quality or not. Especialy the cross screen filter. When I take a foto of a candle or light the star pattern coming off the light has a rainbow effect. The picture on the box cover of the filter doesnt look that away. So any opinions on these filters or any feed back at all would be greatly appreciated.
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Some filters (doesn't matter who makes them) will not work with digital cameras. For example a lot of colored filters will be corrected by the AWB on the camera. In the case of screens and star type filters you can easily get an effect where the size of the grid matches up with the internal pixel size or spacing. This can cause some strange effects (like rainbows) because the light is only hitting one pixel color on a line. Film has a random pattern so it doesn't show up.

You can try some stuff though. Turn the filter slightly, put other filters behind the filter. Sometimes these will work and sometimes they won't and it will vary depending on the camera and thefocal length of the lens
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Quantaray filters are made by Tiffen and are good quality as long as you get the multi-coated versions. I did some tests using their multi-coated UV filter vs no filter & got the exact same results using the same lens, lighting, aperture & shutter speed. I would think that post is somewhere in the archives here but the results convinced me that they are quality filters.
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Old Sep 13, 2004, 10:59 AM   #4
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How do you know Quantaray are made by Tiffen? I'd like to believe that, but two Ritz sales people (local stores), say they're made by Sigma. Anyone else have data to contribute to this pool?!
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I have four different Quantaray filters (Spot filter, ND2, Starlight- just a scratch preventative, circular polarizer). The spot filter works O.k. and does it's job. The ND2 I've had no hard complaint about, though it tends to make the shots a bit soft in the faster apertures. I completely removed the starlight 1A filter, it made all shots on film and digital camera way too soft\almost blury, and last but not least the circular polarizer, sometimes it's o.k. and sometimes not- if it's used with any magnatude zoom it's soft but tolerable, but most times creates way to much CA for my likes. Quality build? Well, I guess that would depend on what your version of quality is, and who Ritz had making their glass for that particular filer. I say , IMHO, they are cheap glass, and better suited for your typical "snapshot" consumer.
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