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Abyss Jun 8, 2004 8:21 PM

Ok.Here it is.I've bought it yesterday from Henry's ( Toronto-Canada) for $ 300 cdn.
I am not a professional,more like a newbie,so i will refrain from making any personal comments regarding the "real" technical aspects.
Things that i've seen so far :
-Heavy vigneting ( see the link on the bottom to my page with samples)
-Camera focusing does not suffer at all.As fast as without the converter.
-Light,very light compared with the Sony VCL-1452H,which i have used with this camera on a few occasions.
I need your help with two things :
1- I don't know if that vigneting is supposed to be so heavy,or maybe i'm crazy.From what i've seen on Raynox's site ( only one picture ) is not as bad as what i've got.
2- My camera's barrel shakes quite a bit now.It kind of wobles about 1/8" in all directions.I don't know if this is because i've attached the converters to it.I've taken real good care to support them properly,but it still moves.Is this normal ?Any of you guys experience the same with this camera.
I have 15 days to return the lens if i'm not happy with it and i guess i am asking for help here.Should i return it just for that vigneting,or is that something to be expected ?
I'll keep it short.If you have any other questions,or if you want me to take more pictures,let me know what the best set-up would be and i'll try it.
Here's the link to my page :

E-mail: [email protected]

Sting Jun 9, 2004 1:22 PM

The Raynox sample photo is taken with the MINOLTA DiMAGE 7Hi and although vignetting is presentit doesn't appear as signifcant as with your A1. At least Raynox is honest in stating that with thisseries of cameras the problem does exist.Thecorners of the sample photo are dark to start with so that doesn't help with the comparison. If it were me and the A1 wasmy primary cameraI would return the 2020. $300 is alot of money for a problem that I would be unwilling to live with. On the upside, the quality of your photo taken with the Sonyis very good. I'm impressed.


Abyss Jun 9, 2004 1:43 PM

Yes Sting.That was exactly my impression when i've looked at that photo that they have on their site ( the elephant).So i could not get a very good idea of the amount of vigneting.Again,i'm kind of new at this exercise,but to me it seems unacceptable that amount that i'm getting with the A1.I'll have to crop almost 1/3 of the picture just to get something usable.Well, i was surprised as well by the shots i've got with the Mavica.Another interesting thing about this lens is that even though it has 62 mm threads the first lens is small.More like the size of the A1 lens,or maybe even smaller.My guess is that if that first lens would've been a bit larger it would've taken care of the whole problem.I have serious doubts about this converter,but on the other hand i would like to have something to increase the telephoto capabilities,and the choices are not too many.

Sting Jun 9, 2004 5:21 PM

I don't envy you the task of finding a teleconverter for your A1. I own a Nikon 5700 so have quite a choice.Try doing a 'Search' of this 'Add-On Lens' site by just entering 'A1'. There are pages of prior discussions on the subject and I'm sure you'll find something in there that will help.

TimXX Jun 12, 2004 10:32 PM

I also just got a RaynoxDCR 2020Pro for my Panazonic FZ10. I get vignetting up to 8x, but none between 8X and 12X on my zoom lens. This gives me the 35mm equiv of 610-920mm [the regular lens is 35-420mm equiv]. This is fine with me. It would be nice if there were no vignetting, but I can accept this.

The Image stabilization on the camera seems to work OK at shutter speeds of 1/160 and faster so I will need a fairly bright day to get good results. So far the photos look pretty clear unless I digitally zoom in when looking at them on my monitor. Will need practice holding the camera steady with a smaller aperture and slower shutter speeds.

In general I like this lens.

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